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Sometimes it is not possible for students to pay their tuition fees; combining work with study may not be enough to pay all education-related costs. Beyond our diverse activities with the Office of Research and Ethics, we always strive to find scholarships offered by organizations external to Saint Paul University. Scholarships vary widely with flexible admission criteria.

The bursaries Deadline Amount For who
Scholarships for students with disabilities 2015-01-31 Tuitions Fees Students with disabilities
The Dobbin Scholarship 2015-02-20 - Irish and Canadian Scholar
Silver Spring Farm Scholarship Award 2015-02-27 $ 1,000 Student in the field of social sciences or human services,
RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program 2015-02-28 $4,000 Status Indian, a Non-status Indian, Inuit or Métis
Doctoral Fellowship 2015-03-01 $2,000 Ph.D or Th.D Student
CHHA Scholarship Program 2015-03-02 $1,000-1,500 Students who's either hard of hearing, deafened or oral deaf
The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Program 2015-03-02 $ 1,000-1,500 Students hard of hearing, deafened or oral deaf
The Dan David Prize 2015-03-10 US$15,000 Doctoral and post-doctoral students
The Leonard Foundation Scholarships 2015-03-15 $1,000-1,500 Undergraduate
IDI Fellowship Project 2015-03-15 - MA/PhD candidates
Ayn Rand Institute Summer Internship 2015-03-29 $ 1,200 General
Scotland's Saltire Scholarships (SSS) 2015-03-31 £ 2,000 Undergraduate, Masters or PhD Students
MCC Canadian Japanese-Mennonite Scholarship 2015-04-01 $ 2,000 General
The Radio-Television News Directors Foundation 2015-04-01 $ 2,000 - 2,500 Student in a programs with a broadcast journalism option
Doctor of Ministry study Bursaries 2015-04-01 $1,500 Applicants with a M. Div. or equivalent
Anglican Foundation of Canada 2015-04-01 $1,500 General
Advanced Degree Study Bursaries 2015-04-01 $1,500 Applicants with a B.A. or equivalent
APA Student Travel Award 2015-04-01 $ 300 Psychology graduate students
Jeffrey S. Tanaka Memorial Dissertation Award in Psychology 2015-04-01 $ 300-$ 500 Ethnic minorities and/or non-ethnic minority individuals who are APA members/student affiliates
Canadian Japanese Mennonite scholarship 2015-04-01 $ 2,000 General
Canon Law Society of America 2015-04-15 Tuitions fees Students already enrolled in a licentiate program
Senior Care Innovation Scholarship 2015-04-15 $1,000 Counseling Scholarship 2015-04-15 $ 2,000 Undergraduate Students
Joubin/Selig Scholarship Fund 2015-04-24 $ 500-5,000 Students with a Permanent physical (mobility) disabilities
Bourse pour francophones - Bourse Almanda-Walker-Marchand 2015-04-30 $1,000 Francophone women
The 2015 National Essay Competition 2015-04-30 $1,000 General
WealthSimple Scholarship 2015-04-30 $1,500 All disciplines
The 2015 Europe Union-Canada Young Journalist Fellowship 2015-05-04 Tuitions Fees Students in the field of journalism
The Carol Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarships 2015-05-15 $1,000 General
Mattinson Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities 2015-05-15 $ 2,000 Students with Disabilities
Black Business and Professional Association National Scholarship Fund 2015-05-29 - A member of the Canadian Black community
MADD Canada Bursary Fund 2015-05-31 $2,000 General
Fraser Institute Essay Contest 2015 2015-06-01 $ 500 - 1,500 General
APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student in Professional Psychology 2015-06-01 - Graduate student
Colin Wasacase Scholarship Awards 2015-06-30 $ 1,000 Aboriginal Students completed their first year in a Counselling program
MCC Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Fund 2015-06-30 $ 1,000-1,500 Students who are interested in work that aligns (like peace, restorative justice, human rights, and sustainable development).
The National Union Scholarship Program 2015-07-06 $1,500 Aboriginal Canadians
APA Dissertation Research Award 2015-09-15 $ 5,000 Science-oriented doctoral students of psychology
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest 2015-10-23 $50 - $10,000 General
Distinguished Student Research Award in Clinical Psychology 2015-11-01 $ 200 Graduate student in clinical psychology
Word & World ESSAY PRIZE 2015-11-01 $ 1,000 Ph.D. or Th.D. programs in theology or religious studies
La Fondation Donatien-Frémont: Bourses De Stage Dans Un Journal Francophone 2015-12-31 $ 3,000 Programme de Journalisme, de communication ou de graphisme.