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Saint Paul University
An Exceptional Place to Learn

We often boast that we are an exceptional place. And it’s true, for all kinds of reasons: we are a well-kept secret, we are located in a quiet and charming neighbourhood, we are part of a different social fabric, and we are always oriented towards the human person.

For many people, what makes Saint Paul unique is of course its small size and what this means in terms of quality of teaching.

Limited class sizes, smaller classrooms, and a warm atmosphere are some of the qualities that are often mentioned as signs of what makes us special. 

All these statements about Saint Paul, its rhythm and energy, point to the fact that students are the heart of the University.

We believe we offer a place that is both comforting and stimulating, that is appealing because of the quality of people who fill its classrooms and hallways as much as for its facilities and services.

Young students mix with others who have returned to the classroom, rich in life experience. The dialogue that results, on subjects linked to people’s roots, cultures and diverse faith traditions, make Saint Paul a place that is focused on the world and on things that are both fragile and enduring. 

Saint Paul is also growing. It wants to be recognized once and for all as a place of learning and research where one can “think” the world. 

In this way, Saint Paul is becoming a way of life that is turned towards people and their desire to respond to what is happening in the world. 

That is why our strategies for teaching and growth of the student are aimed the individual, who gradually becomes integrated and involved as a creator and builder of the future.

The entire spirit of Saint Paul is infused with this energy.