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Our Activities

Lonergan Lecture 2014:

Cultural Homogeneity and Historical Consciousness: Can we escape relativism?

For centuries, expressions of religious faith sprang from a classicist view of culture. Today, we view culture as plural and evolving. Such a view encourages a "reinterpretation of man in his universe." How do we distinguish the classicism in relativism so as to clearly answer the pressing questions of today?

Lecture in French. Outline available in English. Discussion is bilingual.

  • Panel: Louis Roy, Gaston Raymond, Brian McDonough
  • Moderator: Pierrot Lambert
  • Date and Time: 27 March 2014, 7:00pm
  • Reception: 8:30pm
  • Location: Saint Paul University, Ottawa.
  • Further Information: apauley@ustpaul.ca

Other Activities:

We pursue our activities in partnership with a number of people and agencies. Currently, we are working in the following areas:

Economics, Business Ethics and Community Economic Development:

Insight, Peace and Conflict:

Other areas of application of Lonergan:

  • Dr. Catherine E. Clifford (Saint Paul University): Ecclesiology and Ecumenism
  • Dr. Margaret Myrtle Power (Saint Paul University): Religious Education and Learning Theory

The research and activities of the Centre have been made possible due to financial support from Saint Paul University.