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SPU Internships


Practical internship
The student is an active member of your team. This type of internship allows students to apply the knowledge they have gained in their academic courses in a professional environment.

Observation internship
The student joins your team as an observer. This type of internship allows students to observe and understand the practical application of what they are learning in their academic courses.


Areas of Expertise

Our students have skills and qualifications in the following disciplines:


Internship Schedules and Availability

The Internship Office's role is to ensure a good fit between the employer and the student intern. The following criteria are used to evaluate a potential placement within an organization:

  • The work must be related to the intern’s field of study
  • Internships are for a period of 12 weeks (10 to 15 hours per week)*
  • The intern must be supervised by an employee of the partner organization
  • Full-time internships can be arranged (with the approval of the internship coordinator)

 *The number of weeks and the number of hours per week can be modified according to the organization's needs.

Internship Supervisor’s Responsibilities

The intern joining your organization must be supervised by one of your employees. The supervisor is responsible for:

  • Meeting with the student to assign the work and ensure that it meets the learning objectives of the internship.
  • Setting work goals and schedules for the duration of the internship.
  • Providing the intern with clear direction so that they can perform their work in accordance with the partner organization’s standards.
  • Monitoring the intern’s performance to ensure that the work is being done correctly.
  • Providing the intern with guidance and support as required.
  • At the end of the internship, evaluating the student’s performance and giving the student constructive feedback.


Partner Organization’s Responsibilities

The purpose of an internship is to solidify theory with practice and bring the student to reflect on this practice. As such, the main objective of an internship is to provide the student with practical work experience in a professional environment related to their field of study.

By hiring a Saint Paul University student intern, you agree to act as a training resource by helping the student develop their skills, knowledge and abilities in a given field.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of a partner organization, please contact a member of the Internship Office staff. We’ll be happy to provide you with all the information you need to hire a student intern for your organization.