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International Workshop on "Religion, Philosophy and Culture"

September 23-24, 2013, Saint Paul University, Ottawa

The purpose of this workshop is to examine the intersections of religion, philosophy and culture, and to illuminate their common characteristics as well. It takes the present condition of the world as its point of departure and analyzes the interaction and influence of these three disciplines upon one another. It shall examine, for instance, how a meaningful religious belief and practice can be celebrated in the modern world; and how a dogmatic or troublesome belief can be weakened and removed from the center of a religion to its periphery. No one doubts that there are such beliefs; but opinions differ on how to address them. In this workshop, we emphasize the role of philosophical and cultural deliberations and criticisms in the removal of religious prejudices and fanaticism. A philosophical and cultural questioning of troublesome religious beliefs is bound to lead to their revision in the long run. Indeed that is the story of modernity. Under the weight of persistent reasoning and criticism even the strongest dogmas succumb to reason; paving the way for genuine religious flourishing and cultural dialogue.

Conference program

Registration Fees: Participants $40 | Students $10

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