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Exchange Programs

Saint Paul University has established exchange programs with universities around the world. These institutions allow Saint Paul University students to do exchanges every year. Students spend from one semester to a full academic year at the other university. Credits gained in the host university will be taken into account by the home university.

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Exchange program partners:

What is the international exchange program?
Who is eligible for this program?
Students coming for an exchange program at SPU (Incoming Students)
SPU students going abroad to study on an exchange program (Outgoing Students)

New! SPU–UO International Exchange Agreements

Thanks to the affiliation between Saint Paul University (SPU) and the University of Ottawa, SPU students can now benefit from six student exchange agreements. SPU students can apply for an exchange program at the following institutions:

Australia – University of Western Australia 
Korea – Dongguk University 
Poland – University of Warsaw 
Sweden – Malmö University 
United Kingdom – University of Birmingham 
United Kingdom – University of Exeter 

If you are interested, please contact the International Office at or 613-236-1393, ext. 2200, or in person in room G134 to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and to obtain a nomination certificate.

For the academic year 2017–2018
The deadline to apply to get the approval of the faculty and to submit a preliminary course selection is February 3, 2017. The deadline to submit the complete file online is March 10, 2017. 

Applications for exchanges will be processed by the International Office of the University of Ottawa once you have been nominated by Saint Paul University.

You must familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements and deadlines of the University of Ottawa.


What is the international exchange program?

This program will allow students to broaden their learning and acquire new knowledge in a different cultural environment from their own. This program offers a unique opportunity for students to study at a foreign university for a single term or an entire academic year, with equivalent credits to their home university degree. Also, this program allows student to continue to obtain financial aid from Saint Paul University, or under provincial and/or federal loan and bursary plans. Selected students who take part in an international exchange receive a $1,000 bursary for a minimum participation of four months (one semester) and $1,500 for a minimum participation of eight months (two semesters).

Who is eligible for this program?

To be eligible, students must

  • Be registered in a regular undergraduate or graduate program, and enrolled full-time at Saint Paul University at the time of application
  • Have completed at least one year of university studies or the equivalent (24 credits completed on or before March 1 of each year)
  • Obtain an academic record from their faculty
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of B (6)
  • Have command of the official language of the host institution, if required
  • Have paid tuition and general fees to Saint Paul University before leaving
  • Obtain written approval signed by both the office of the Faculty and the International Services Office

Students entering university on a credit transfer agreement
To graduate from Saint Paul University, a student must complete 60 of the 120 credits of their bachelor’s degree at the institution.

Students admitted with 60 transfer credit equivalencies (2 + 2 transfer agreement) may participate in a student exchange, but must complete the residence requirement of 60 credits at SPU. An additional session may be required to comply with this requirement.


Students coming on an exchange program at SPU (Incoming students)

  1. Exchange students from foreign universities who wish to come to study at Saint Paul University must first contact the international relations office of their home institution to find out the conditions for applying.

  2. They must pay their tuition and general fees to their home institution before departing for Canada. They are exempted from paying tuition and general fees to Saint Paul University during the exchange period. However, students are fully responsible for costs related to board, lodging, travel and other compulsory campus fees, including a subscription to the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). There are NO exceptions, even if the students have arranged for overseas insurance coverage in their home country.

  3. All the files from prospective candidates must be sent by the international offices of partner institutions to the Director of the International Office at Saint Paul University.

  4. The Director of International Office will send the documents to the Faculty for evaluation.

  5. Once the applications are approved, the Faculty provides a letter of acceptance necessary for study permits, and the International Services Office prepares welcome letters and an information package.

  6. Students will receive all the documents from the international offices of their home institutions at the end of June or at the beginning of November, depending on students’ participation period in the exchange.

  7. The deadlines for the application are: April 1 for September (Fall session) or October 13 for January (Winter session).

  8. List of documents required with each application:
    • International Exchange Programs form of the International Office of Saint Paul University;
    • an official transcript (the most recent) – the transcript must be in French or English or translated into one of these languages. Any translated document must bear the stamp of the International Office of the home institution;
    • a letter of motivation from the student explaining his/her interest in participating in the exchange program (training objectives during the exchange program);
    • a letter of recommendation from a professor or from the student's faculty, department or school;
    • a language proficiency test, if relevant;
    • a curriculum vitae (resumé).

SPU students going abroad to study on an exchange program (Outgoing students)

  1. Application
    1. The exchange students must write a letter of interest, have the authorization from the Faculty for their selected courses at the host university, and have their application form signed by the Faculty.
    2. The Faculty prepares a letter of authorization and an official transcript for completing each students' application.
    3. Once the application is completed, the Faculty sends all the documents to the Director of International Office for revision.
    4. The International Services Office is responsible for sending out the applications to the counterpart office in the host University.

  2. Letter of acceptance
    1. A letter of acceptance may be sent directly to the student by mail to the address indicated on the application form or to the International Office at Saint Paul University.
    2. The student or the International Office must inform each other as soon as the letter of acceptance has arrived.

  3. Passport and visa
    1. Students must apply for their passport and start the visa process immediately after they receive the letter of acceptance from the host institution.
    2. The International provides the necessary information regarding the visa, as well as information about housing and job opportunities at the host university.

  4. Course registration at Saint Paul University
    1. Students must register for a regular full-time course load for an academic year or one semester at Saint Paul University before starting their application.
    2. Once students receive the letter of acceptance from the host institution, they should cancel their course registration in writing with their signature (emails are not accepted; faxes are).
    3. Exchange students must pay their tuition and general fees before leaving to go to their host university.
  5. Scholarships and financial aid
    1. If the student is eligible for scholarship or financial aid, he/she will continue to receive it during his/her exchange. Students must indicate clearly on the financial aid form the intention of taking part in an exchange program.
    2. In order to receive the funding on time, students must apply for financial aid before May 1 or September 30 of each year.
    3. Students who are taking part in an exchange during an academic year must contact the Scholarships Office at Saint Paul University to book an appointment with the scholarship officer to discuss arrangements in order to receive their funding.

  6. Transcripts and official documents from host institution
    1. Exchange students are responsible for obtaining an official transcript from their host institution.
    2. If the host institution does not issue official transcripts, the students must ask individual professors to prepare a certificate or a letter.
    3. These documents must be printed on the host institution's letterhead, must bear the institution's seal and must be signed by an appropriate authority. They should clearly indicate the title of the course, the number of hours per week, the length of the course (start/end dates), and the class average.
    4. All official transcripts must be submitted to Saint Paul University in either French or English. Students are responsible for obtaining an official translation of these documents.

  7. Re-entry
    1. Students should contact the International Office upon their return, submit the official transcript (or other official document) from the host institution, and submit the International Office questionnaire on their experience abroad.
    2. The second installment of their mobility scholarship (if eligible) will be paid once they submit the transcript and the questionnaire.