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Important message to international students experiencing difficulties with their study permits

Obtaining permits and visas

Please note that due to a significant change to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), educational institutions such as the Saint Paul University can no longer provide international students with immigration advice. As a result we invite you to visit the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The CIC Call Centre can also answer questions, in English and French, about CIC services and programs, or applications in process inside Canada (1-888-242-2100). Students may also now e-mail the Call Centre with questions.

Important message to international students experiencing difficulties with their study permits

Following the recent developments in the dispute between Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers, the Saint Paul University put in place new arrangements for its students experiencing difficulties with their study permits.

What can I do now?

In order to ensure the fastest processing of their applications, students are advised to follow the official recommendations of CIC:

  • If no application have been submitted so far, it is important to apply as early as possible and to ensure that the application is as complete as possible.
  • Applying online will also be much faster and more efficient.
  • If a hard-copy application has been submitted, it is imperative not to reapply online as this will only slow the process down.

If I don’t think I will be able to arrive in Canada for early September, what are my options?

In addition to the CIC recommendations, the Saint Paul University would like to inform its students they can register for their courses up to the last day for late registration, which is September 18th, 2013.

Please contact the International Office by email if you have any questions.

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