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Help Request Form - Students

First Name:

Last Name:

University email address:
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Phone number where you can be reached:

Student ID number:

I am requesting: Sony video camera kit
Panasonic video camera kit
SVHS video camera kit
Nikon photo camera kit
Canon photo camera kit

A standard kit consists of the following: camera (photo or video), tripod, charger, USB cable (photo camera) and extension cord (video camera).

Reservation date:

Return date:

*****Equipment must be returned by 11am on the scheduled return date *****

Optional Equipment needed:

Lighting kit Lighting kit
Reflective Disk
Extension Cord

Please do not submit passwords or other confidential information via the help request form.

I will take care of the requested audio-video items until they are returned. I acknowledge I may have to pay for repairs or replacement costs if the equipment is damaged or lost.

I will also return the items no later than 11am on the indicated return date as there may be a late penalty charge of 5.00$ per item per day.