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Studia canonica

A Canadian Canon Law Review

Studia canonica is a scholarly journal on canon law published twice a year by the Faculty of Canon Law of Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. 

Studia canonica welcomes submissions of articles, in English and French.  Authors will find the Guidelines for Articles at


Anne Asselin
Doyenne / Dean

John A. Renken
Rédacteur en chef / Editor

Marie-Rose Tannous
Coordonnatrice de la revue / Journal Coordinator

Comité de direction / Editorial Board
Jobe Abbass, OFM Conv
Anne Asselin, Dean / Doyenne
Pierre Bellemare
John M. Huels
Michael Nobel
Chad Glendinning, Secretary / Secrétaire
John A. Renken, Vice-Dean / Vice-doyen

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