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Exposition: Holocaust by Bullets Yahad – In Unum, 10 years of investigation

Holocaust by Bullets
Yahad – In Unum, 10 years of investigation

April 24 – May 1
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The  « Holocaust by Bullets » Exhibit

After 10 years of research, Yahad can finally present the steps of the crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazi units in the territories they occupied.

The exhibit  "Holocaust by Bullets / Yahad - In Unum, 10 years of Investigation" presents the results of hundreds of days of fieldwork that enabled Yahad - In Unum to collect evidence of the massacres of victims in order to give back to these murdered Jewish victims their memory and their dignity. It also helps to understand the role of the the "Holocaust by Bullets" genocide as a precursor and model for mass crimes today.

It will consist of 5 elements or modules presenting the transversality of the criminal process behind the multiplicity of these crimes and a final summary panel.

Arrests, the death road, the stripping of clothes and possessions, shooting, looting.

Each criminal step will be presented by a module combining evidence collected by Yahad and from the archives. Thus, the exhibit will allow the viewer to understand the genocidal process of the Holocaust by bullets and to see the corroborating evidence provided by Yahad - In Unum.

The texts on the modules will consist of explanations of the local historical context and excerpts from testimonies, in English and in French.

The Public

The  « Holocaust by Bullets»  exhibit is conceived for the general public. The research results of Yahad are presented in a pedagocial manner, especially adapted for a student public.

Yahad – In Unum

For the past 10 years, the French Association Yahad - In Unum has been leading investigations on the massacre by shooting of Jews perpetrated by Nazi units, particularly the Einsatzgruppen, in Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine. 79 research trips have been conducted to date. They allowed for the collection of testimonies of eye-witnesses of crimes, children or adolescents at the time, the vast majority of which have never before spoken about what they saw. Each of these trips is prepared by in-depth research of the Soviet and German archives.

  • 3580 interviews with eye-witnesses to the crimes have been collected
  • 1337 massacre sites of Jews have been identified

Village after village, Yahad documents the crime and accumulates corroborating evidence of the massacre.

Its main objectives are :

  • Provide evidence of the "Holocaust by Bullets "
  • Fight against the Holocaust deniers of today and tomorrow
  • Work towards respecting and preserving the burial sites of victims
  • Use the lessons learned from Yahad’s research on the “Holocaust by Bullets” to fight against future genocide and mass violence



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