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Evaluation - Purpose and procedures

Purpose of the evaluation

  • to provide teaching staff, Dean’s with information that might help them improve their teaching
  • to establish a method for factoring teaching performance into decisions about the teaching staff
  • to provide students with a means for voicing their opinions on teaching and/or the flow of the course
  • to help the University of Saint Paul maintain a high standard of teaching

Which courses and professors are evaluated?

At the University of Saint Paul, all courses involving at least nine contact hours with the same professor will be subject to an evaluation by students, regardless of the number of students and the teaching method used. If two or more professors teach a course, each professor is evaluated at the end of the part of the course that he/she taught if the part represents more than nine hours in that course.

When and how are evaluations filled out?

The process used to administer the evaluation was developed in consultation with the Internal Audit Office of the University of Ottawa. Evaluations take place near the end of courses, on specific dates. Procedures and instructions are forwarded to the professor in question by the dean prior to the evaluation date. Professors must assign one student monitors who will provide instructions and oversee the evaluation.

The evaluation must take place at the beginning of the class. The professor must leave the classroom before the monitors issues instructions and students start filling out the questionnaire.

Students give the completed questionnaires to the monitors, who will place the questionnaire in a sealed envelope and return to the faculty assistants. ANONYMITY is guaranteed. The evaluation cannot affect students’ grades.

What does the University do with completed questionnaires?

Evaluations are done on the official form. The evaluation form contains two sections: a questionnaire (response sheet) and a confidential comment sheet.

The comment sheet is attached to the response sheet and contains students’ confidential commentaries and will be submitted to the Dean.

All Web-based courses will be evaluated by students on the Web. Evaluations should be done on the official questionnaire on the Web that is located on a secure site and can be filled out only during the official evaluation period. Students may access this form through InfoWeb. It is important to note that students are not required to provide information that could be used to trace their identity; responses remain anonymous.