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Frequently Asked Questions

When students mark professors

Some quick questions about the University’s teaching and course evaluation system

How does a professor end up teaching a particular course?

The dean tries to balance the workload of everyone in the department. Sometimes previous course evaluations can help a part-time instructor obtain a teaching position.

Do the evaluations count for anything?

Yes. Deans have said they find this feedback to be a valuable means of improving professors' teaching skills.

Can an evaluation change a course?

Yes. Depending on the results, changes may be implemented during the next iteration of a course on aspects such as organization of the curriculum, specific learning activities, and the use of technology.

What does the University do about a bad evaluation?

Deans have the responsibility to follow-up with the professor when there is a pattern of bad course evaluations. Various corrective measures may be taken, including recommending that the professor take advantage of the resources designed to improve teaching.