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café urban reinvents cafeteria-style dining at Saint Paul University

café urban reinvents cafeteria- style dining at Saint Paul University


OTTAWA, October 22, 2013 – Saint Paul University is pleased to welcome Executive Chef, Matthew Brearley (formerly of Castlegarth Restaurant) to café urban – a new arm of the urban element, located at Saint Paul University.  Mr. Brearley joins the staff that have set up shop since early Fall.  Nearly 1,000 university staff and students, as well as locals have been experiencing  this new alternative to traditional cafeteria dining by purchasing tasty, homemade, non-processed local foods, conveniently located right  on campus. Quite a change from the usual processed fare sold in similar academic institutions.


café urban’s goal is to provide staff and students with healthy, nutritious food choices while supporting local farmers, producers and recycling projects. café urban composts 100 per cent of their kitchen compost (fruit and vegetable trimmings) which are then donated as feed to local pig farmers and essentially "recycled" back into the environment.  Another plus, they also serve up local Ottawa beverages like Bridgehead coffee and Harvey & Vern’s soda.


“When our contract was up with our past food supplier, we saw it as a chance to start doing things differently. The partnership with café urban was an easy one to develop since we are on the same page when considering health and environment issues. It also opened up the possibility to develop future side projects such as a community garden and a community kitchen. It’s exciting to see how far we can go with these ideas!” says Nadine Tremblay, Manager, Food and Conference Services at Saint Paul University.


“We believe institutions shouldn’t accept highly processed food in their cafeterias. We want to offer people the ability to eat well in institutional settings”, says Carley Schelck, Proprietor. “Studies indicate that students perform better with a healthy diet; and the urban element is thrilled to be able to support the staff and students at Saint Paul University.”

We extend a warm welcome to our new partner and applaud their commitment to wellness for us - and the environment.

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