Welcome to Saint Paul University!

Make the most out of your academic experience! Here are a few things not to miss:

  • Check out café urban, your new cafeteria! Healthy, local, homemade!
  • Need help managing your class workload? Feeling stressed? The Student Academic Success Service is here for you
  • Drop by the HUB Room 038 and verify your electronic portals (Intranet, Infoweb)
  • Get a Library tour!
  • Welcoming. Serving. Celebrating. Drop by the Oasis to meet with the pastoral team!
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Log in and have instant access to your academic results and your course schedule. The Intranet portal allows you to easily connect with fellow students while addressing your academic needs such as applying for financial aid and Work-study program. All the latest University news and events are centralized on your portal so you can be up-to-date with on campus student life.